What We Do

A Recreation Therapist will assess health concerns‚Äč, needs, likes and dislikes and identify the things that are important to you, or your loved one. Each client is unique- and because of this, each client deserved a unique treatment plan. 


A Recreation Therapist will conduct an assessment to identify strengths, areas of need and goals. An assessment is the foundation of a treatment plan


A Recreation Therapist will talk with you and help you identify areas in your life that are bothering you. A Recreation Therapist will listen to you and validate your feelings. A Recreation Therapist can coach you on how to communicate with aging or ill loved ones. 

Leisure Interest Survey

A Recreation Therapist will conduct a Leisure Interest Survey to identify leisure and recreation activities you currently enjoy, things you enjoyed in the past and leisure opportunities you would be interested in trying 

Free Time and Boredom

A Recreation Therapist will you identify how you are spending your free time, and if you are engaging in meaningful opportunities or if you are experiencing boredom

Memory Care

A Recreation Therapist can offer tools to help you or your loved one maintain or slow the decline of memory function. A Recreation Therapist can help you understand the cognitive changes that occur with aging or with illness

Family Teaching 

A Recreation Therapist can work with your family to help support and uplift one another in times of stress. A Recreation Therapist can provide education to help support loved ones living in a care facility. This will ensure meaningful time is being spent together. 

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